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Learn about how the Age-Friendly Sarasota movement is having a positive impact on our community and beyond:

In the News

  • “Sarasota Health Department Named ‘Age-Friendly’ Public Health System” — It’s the first local health department in the nation to receive the recognition (11/8/21)
  • “Sarasota Memorial Hospital Earns ‘Age-Friendly’ Recognition” — SMH is the only hospital in the region, and one of a handful in Florida, with “age-friendly” status (9/4/19)
  • “The Connector” (pp.7-10) — Research: USFSM, Volume 1 (4/25/18)
  • “Black: Put aging trends in context” — Herald Tribune (7/2/18)
  • “Sharing is Caring” — SRQ Magazine Daily (8/22/18)
  • "‘Reinvention Convention’ speaker shares insights on how birth year shapes character" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (11/9/18)
  • “USFSM professor: Sarasota County becoming more age-friendly” — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (10/25/18)
  • "For first Age-Friendly Festival, Sarasota County shows off charm" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (10/28/17)
  • "Roots of the Age-Friendly Festival" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (10/26/17)
  • "A community livable for all ages" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (10/23/17)
  • "Come to the Age-Friendly Festival on Saturday, October 28, 2017!" (special 24-page insert) — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (10/22/17)
  • "Age-Friendly Sarasota mixes generations, music, and education" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (10/21/17)
  • "Our community helps both the young and the aging" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (7/13/17)
  • "Community quality of life effort celebrates a plan of action" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (6/7/17)
  • "Sarasota County aims for ‘age-friendly’ parks, libraries" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (4/19/17)
  • "Florida leaders convene in Sarasota for Age-Friendly Symposium" — Tampa Bay Newswire (10/5/16)
  • "Sarasota livability wishes: More sidewalks, and a lift to the movies" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (9/16/16)
  • "Creating the livable communities we all — young and old — want" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (5/13/16)
  • "Building in long-term livability" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (4/25/16)
  • "What makes your home a haven as you age?" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (10/23/15)
  • "Money alone can’t make ‘Age-Friendly Community’" — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (5/10/15)
  • “Sarasota Seeks Age-Friendly Designation” — Sarasota Herald-Tribune (5/05/15)

On the Radio or Television

  •  "The latest happenings with Age-Friendly Sarasota" (Video Time: 4 minutes) — News, ABC-7 (10/31/17)

  • "Discussion: Age-Friendly Sarasota" (Guests: Debra Jacobs, Kathy Black, Dave Hutchinson; Video Time: first 13 minutes) — Roundtable, ABC-7 (10/31/17)

  • "The upcoming Age-Friendly Festival" (Video Time: 3 minutes) — In the Spotlight, ABC-7 (10/26/17)

  • "What is Age-Friendly Sarasota?" (Guest: Debra Jacobs; Video Time: 5 minutes) — Suncoast View, ABC-7 (10/23/17)

  • “Age-Friendly Sarasota: What's on the horizon for Sarasota county to meet the future needs of its aging residents?” (Guests: Kathy Black and Bob Carter; Video Time: 28 minutes)  — Thriving on the Suncoast, SNN TV (1/10/17)
  • “What makes a city age-friendly?” (Guest: Kathy Black; Audio Time: 45 minutes; Note: Fast forward to the beginning at the 10 min 30 sec mark) — A Dialogue with VOICE, WPRK Radio (11/14/15)
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