Age-Friendly Festival
Festival Map

There are so many ways to enjoy your day at the Age-Friendly Festival!
Check out the festival map below for a sneak peek.
The more than 125 organizations listed under the map are color-coded to correspond to the map's locations — showing you where each organization will be set up at the festival. 
The festival will be a great time for relaxing, connecting, and learning! To start things off, there's free on-site parking and free admission! SCAT bus stops are conveniently located nearby too.
Locations of indoor exhibits and educational presentations are noted on the map. There will be ample seating along with tents and shaded areas in the outdoor portion of the festival, including in front of the entertainment stage.
Also, here are just some of the experiences — through activities and demonstrations — awaiting you throughout the day: Musical jam sessions • Brain games • Dance trance • Aerial yoga • Therapeutic drumming • Exercise classes, including Zumba • Education about special animals (see them up close!), including Greyhounds, Guide dogs in training, Llamas, Parrots, and Horses • The round-about merge • Pickleball • Musical instrument explorations • Art opportunities • Health screenings.
SO COME JOIN THE FUN! — Mark your calendar now for Saturday, October 28, 2017 and bring your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to the festival.

Age-Friendly Festival Info

For a copy of the map and list of participating organizations shown on this webpage, click on the download button below. You'll also receive this two-page handout when you arrive at the festival.
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Festival Map

diagram of festival layout including Sarasota Fairgrounds and buildings
Also, be sure to stop by the Reflection Lounges — places to relax and talk about your festival experiences and share what the age-friendly movement means to you. Based on each lounge’s name, there will also be specialists in that subject matter to speak with or volunteers that can guide you to a specific exhibit to get questions answered. Celebrating the age-friendly concept of Domains of Livability — important community features that impact well-being as we age — reflection lounges named “Health & Well-Being,” “Housing,” “Transportation,” and “Work & Play” will be located in Robarts Arena, while the “Community Engagement” reflection lounge will be located in the Potter Building.
list of more than 125 participating organizations on one sheet of paper
Click here for links to these participating organizations' websites!
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