Age-Friendly Festival

Videos of Educational Presentations

At the Age-Friendly Festival on October 28, 2017, authors, longevity experts, and thought leaders shared insights and innovations on living optimally at any age with festival attendees during seven presentations.

Age-Friendly Innovation — National, State, and Local Perspectives

The Global Age-Friendly Network is 500 strong and growing! Learn about innovative ways in which our region, state, and nation are advancing community life to benefit people of all ages. (46 minutes)

— Bill Armbruster — Senior Advisor, Livable Communities, AARP
— Kathy Black, Ph.D. — Professor, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee; Senior Age-Friendly Advisor, Age-Friendly Sarasota
— Laura Cantwell — Associate State Director of Advocacy & Outreach, AARP Florida
— Debra Jacobs — President/CEO, The Patterson Foundation

Living Your Best Encore Life: Go for It!

Discover where you want to "shine." Embrace the power of moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Identify one fearless step you will take and become motivated to go for it!
(32 minutes)

— Donna Rippley — President, Center for Career Transition
— Bob Carter — Senior Strategy Advisor, Age-Friendly Sarasota

Nifty and Novel Ways to Get
from Here to There

Lively and informative overview about area transportation options. Panelists will share their insights and expertise. An opportunity to get your mobility questions answered by top-notch professionals! (39 minutes)

— Kendra Keiderling — Marketing and Customer Outreach Manager, Sarasota County Area Transit
— Arthur Lerman — Executive Director, iTN SunCoast
— Stephanie Smith — Senior Public Policy Manager, Uber Technologies
— Dave Hutchinson — Executive Director, Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization

Housing Possibilities: Exploring Options

Innovative housing options that support aging in community are emerging throughout the nation. Learn about universal design features, cooperative householding, and a network to connect with others for home sharing.
(39 minutes)

— Karen Bush — President, On Track Sarasota
— Tracy Lux — Vice Chairperson, Universal Design Coalition
— Jeannette Watling-Mills — Co-Facilitator, Living in Community Network
— Kathy Black, Ph.D. — Professor, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee; Senior Age-Friendly Advisor, Age-Friendly Sarasota

Old Is No Longer an Age and Our Journey Continues

Two nationally recognized speakers, authors, and advisors discuss how aging is personal and old rules don't apply. Their new books highlight navigating the years ahead. (40 minutes)

Life Happens: Prepare Now to Reduce Loved Ones' Stress

Whatever your age, learn about key decisions and documents that will reduce stress for you and your family. (19 minutes)

— Rose-Anne Frano, Esq. — Shareholder, Williams Parker Harrison Dietz & Getzen Law Firm

Healthy Mind, Healthy Home, Healthy Decluttering

Explore how to approach your home with a new spirit and confidence. Learn fresh insights for dealing with “stuff” and creative tips for getting started to promote a healthier and happier home. (18 minutes)
— Nancy Hobson — Director of Community Education & Partnerships, Friendship Centers
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