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Did you know that Sarasota was ranked by the National Complete Streets Coalition in 2016 as the 10th most deadly area in the nation for walkability? Sarasota has a "Pedestrian Danger Index" of 148.2. Opportunity abounds for our community to build upon its assets and aspirations -- the national average is 64.1.
We all want to go from X to Y safely and conveniently, and Age-Friendly Sarasota is proactively improving awareness about Sarasota’s transportation features including safety, accessibility, and special services. Did you know that well-maintained streets and intersections, adequate time to cross the street, and easy-to-read traffic signs are considered transportation features?
It’s important to an age-friendly community to take advantage of every possible mode of transportation like driving, biking, and walking and to create new opportunities for transportation … like Pedicabs.

How Can You Become Age-Friendly Today?

  • Offer your neighbor a ride or let your neighbor know about iTN Suncoast’s transportation for seniors
  • Join your neighbor for a walk
  • Advocate for expanded public transportation services
  • Utilize Sarasota County’s sidewalks, bike paths, and parks
  • Leave the closest parking spaces open for others if your mobility is good
Sarasota leaders discuss age-friendly transportation options for Sarasota County
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