Social Participation

Photo example – two women chatting at pickleball
Photo example – two musicians, a middle-aged man and an older woman, playing music together on stage
Photo example – people of all ages participating in a community beach race
Participation in leisure, social, cultural, and spiritual activities within the community or with family is critical to maintaining good physical and mental health. Age-friendly communities foster opportunities to socialize and integrate with other age groups and cultures and promote lifelong learning and education. Sharing in activities is enhanced through the provision of adequate transportation, affordable options, and proximity. Religious activities remain an important form of participation for older adults and often facilitate various services for those at risk or isolated.

The Age-Friendly Sarasota County Action Plan includes the goals, objectives, and strategies for the "Social Participation" domain during the plan's implementation phase (2022–2025).

How Can You Become Age-Friendly Today?

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