Respect and Social Inclusion

Photo example – four older adults talking at the pickleball net during a break
Photo example – a group of volunteers kayaking together with underwater viewfinders
Photo example – people of all ages petting a dog at the Sarasota Farmers Market
We know that community attitudes that demonstrate respect for older people and recognize their important role in society are critical factors for an age-friendly community. Age-friendly communities foster positive images of aging and intergeneration understanding to challenge negative attitudes and combat ageism. We live in a culture that has stigmatized aging, and we can do better to demonstrate respect and inclusion for all persons and their contributions. Intergenerational interactions and public education can go a long way in helping change this stigma.

The Age-Friendly Sarasota County Action Plan includes the goals, objectives, and strategies for the "Respect and Social Inclusion" domain during the plan's implementation phase (2022–2025).

How Can You Become Age-Friendly Today?

  • Find ways for your children and grandchildren to listen to stories from older adults, engage in reading books that promote realistic and positive aging images
  • Youth: volunteer at retirement communities; Adults & seniors: volunteer at schools
  • Kindness matters: make eye contact and smile at someone new every day
  • Check on your neighbors
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