Community Support and Health Services

Photo example – Sarasota County Health Department bus labeled Health in Motion
Photo example – Sarasota County employees taking a group picture at a parade
Photo example – older adults practicing yoga
During the course of our lives, there may be a need for us to bring “chicken soup” to someone else. Then, there may come a time when we need for someone else to bring the “chicken soup” to us.
Good mental and physical health contributes to quality of life. Awareness of services that promote and support healthy behaviors and life choices foster healthy aging and well-being throughout the lifespan.
While it’s important that care be available nearby, it’s essential that residents are able to access and afford the services required.

The Age-Friendly Sarasota County Action Plan includes the goals, objectives, and strategies for the "Community Support and Health Services" domain during the plan's implementation phase (June 2017 – May 2020).

How Can You Become Age-Friendly Today?

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County officials continue to monitor the status of COVID-19 and follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Florida Department of Health.

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