Communication and Information

Photo example – information table set up at Siesta Key with various brochures
Photo example – Sarasota County government employee sharing transportation information over the phone
Photo example – website user searching through Age-Friendly Sarasota's blog library
Communication & Information includes keeping individuals connected to community through diverse sources. Age-Friendly communities make sure information is readily accessible and in formats that are appropriate for people of all ages. Both formal (TV, newspaper, radio, internet, social media) and informal (family, friends, clubs, faith-based) communication and distribution close to home remain essential to older adults. The ability to keep connected supports decision-making for full participation in all aspects of community life.

The Age-Friendly Sarasota County Action Plan includes the goals, objectives, and strategies for the "Communication and Information" domain during the plan's implementation phase (2022–2025).

How Can You Become Age-Friendly Today?

  • Ask an older adult if they need any help with their technology ... if they do, teach them
  • Communicate in person with your neighbors about current news
  • Offer to share your newspaper
  • Get a perspective from someone outside your generation ... you might be surprised at how much you have in common
  • Engage in conversation with an older adult … don’t assume they get information via social media
  • Help an older adult set up a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account
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