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We All Need To Do Our share

Posted on June 06, 2021
We All Need To Do Our share

Thanks to the hard work of very smart and dedicated scientists, we can all hope to have a much better summer this year. We are proud of all the scientists, but we need to be ecstatic about the contributions of Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett of the NIH Virology team, who led the way to the development of the Moderna vaccine. As a top researcher who also happens to be an African American from North Carolina, Dr. Corbett has demonstrated how important it is for us to do our share to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic before it further destroys our communities and our families. Each of us can strategize how to contribute. Let's review our options.

As an individual, I can live in a respectable way that values my life and values the lives of others. I can also make every attempt to stay informed through scientific facts. An important part of my strategy is to accept concern for those who depend on me. Now is the time for all children from age 12 to adulthood to receive the vaccine for COVID-19. It has been tested in children and found to be safe. The Pfizer vaccine is effective at a rate of over 95% when administered to children. Furthermore, children want the vaccine because they eventually want to remove the masks, hug their grandparents, and live normal lives with their friends. Each child who is vaccinated makes the environment safer for all of us.

Children want to do their part, but that requires our permission and support. Vaccinations will be made available in the pediatric offices soon, and this will help build confidence. As the majority of children become vaccinated, they will have done their part to make this a safer environment.

Adults must now be resolved to do our part by becoming vaccinated, following safety guidelines after becoming vaccinated, and serving as good examples in our community. Remember that when Dr. Corbett went to school, she was an inquisitive and enthusiastic learner as a young child and became a scientific expert who has now helped to save the world. Our children want to achieve success too. We all need to do our share to create a healthy and successful world community.

Randall CContributions to Sun Coast Media Group are written by members of the Gulf Coast Medical Society with the desire that it will provide up-to-date and trustful medical information. Randall C. Morgan Jr., MD, MBA, is a member of the Gulf Coast Medical Society and a Sarasota Orthopedic Surgeon. He can be reached at or 941-685-7238.


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