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The Boomer Conference 2018

Posted on February 26, 2018 | by Carol Kranitz
The Boomer Conference 2018

Is today, the first day, first week, first six months or first year of the rest of your life? Have you RECENTLY “transitioned” out of your professional life? Have you relocated to a new community? Are you searching for an app that will GPS your next life path?

A life transition can be both exciting and challenging. Changes in housing, social networking, establishing relationships with new medical doctors, developing new friendships and support systems, and more often than not, a change in self-image is a lot for anyone to address.

Age-Friendly Sarasota, Florida’s 1st World Health Organization age-friendly community, is building upon our assets and aspirations to optimize active, healthy, and engaged living for residents of all ages during life’s phrases of transitions, rediscovery, and beyond.

One such experience occurred on February 1 at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute’s Boomer Conference, where 50+ individuals wanting to take charge of their new life status attended a daylong event to learn how to create the next chapter with joy and purpose.

Dr. Nancy Schlossberg, a local author of nine books including Retire Smart, Retire Happy: Finding Your True Path in Life kicked off the conference by energizing the audience with the assurance that their current decision about their life does not have to be one written in stone, rather viewed as a series of transitions. According to Dr. Schlossberg, these transitions have five possible yellow-brick paths:

• The continuer – a seeker of a slight modification of one’s previous life;
• An adventurer – the explorer of new endeavors;
• A searcher – who is looking for new options with a trial and error attitude;
• A glider – happy to let each day unfold;
• The spectator – an individual who cares deeply about the world from the bleachers, and
• The retreater – individual simply seeking time out.

Retirement for many is hollow and lacks power and influence. Dr. Schlossberg closed by sharing the late Dr. Morris Rosenberg’s concept of mattering, simply stated – the belief that you count – you are appreciated, noticed, acknowledged, depended upon, and important. It is important that you have the belief that you count.

The conference attendees participated in roundtable and networking sessions. Feeling empowered and ready to view retirement as “a chance at rediscovery,” the group listened to Louise Gallagher and Andrea Nierenberg share their tools on moving retirement to “rediscovery” and the no-cost importance of using networking to facilitate transition.

After two more roundtable exercises guided by the resourceful Debbie Grovum and Susan Larson, the invigorating day of lifelong learning ended. The participants walked out of the room empowered with the permission to make transitional decisions about their lives, with new friends. Some exploring the same issues, with a new contact list, possibly an opportunity to volunteer with a friend, but definitely feeling ready to address THEIR life with joy and a strong sense of purpose. Each willing to table their search for a GPS life path app!

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