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Sharing Age-Friendly Sarasota for Statewide Impact

Posted on September 19, 2017 | by Kathy Black
Sharing Age-Friendly Sarasota for Statewide Impact

August was an active month for Age-Friendly Sarasota (AFS). AFS recently presented at Transplex – the Florida Department of Transportation’s event which focused on welcoming alternative modes of transportation to communities. AFS also participated in two other statewide events as well.

On August 28th, AFS was pleased to present with our partner, AARP Florida, at the Florida Council on Aging (FCOA). We have been jointly conducting sessions that promote age-friendly communities at the FCOA conference for several years now, and we are pleased to report there is continued interest! Our presence drew 49 people from across the state. Attendees were interested in learning more about the global network of age-friendly communities, the processes to join, the work expected after joining, and most importantly, the different ways in which the communities are making a difference!

This year, we focused on the role of partnerships and discussed some of the collaborations that have already resulted in impacts as well as new alliances under way. For example, we were pleased to share how we work/ed with Sarasota County on the Comprehensive Plan, on Age-Friendly Day, on the Resolution for Universal Design, and more. We also reported our engagement with the Florida Department of Elder Affairs as we join together in dementia-friendly community work. In addition to government, our model of engagement is multi-sector including businesses, nonprofits, media, and the broader community as well because everyone is a stakeholder in an age-friendly community. You can learn more about our community’s age-friendly efforts at the upcoming Age-Friendly Festival.

We also shared Age-Friendly Sarasota news at the Florida Recreation and Parks Association. Parks are particularly important community features that provide opportunities for active, healthy, and engaged living for people at all life stages and abilities. Specifically, we shared state-of-the-art age-friendly park design features with 36 participants from across the state. Attendees were eager to learn how their own parks are already aligned with age-friendly features and glad to discover new ideas that could be easily incorporated. Of course, we also shared some of our own Sarasota County Park assets and accomplishments as well. You can read more about Age-Friendly Activities at our parks here. And you can learn more about the Age-Friendly Movement at the Age-Friendly Festival.



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