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Searching for your Lifetime of Happiness?

Posted on January 06, 2020
Searching for your Lifetime of Happiness?

Looking forward, past the busy holiday season, how would you like to make your New Year’s Resolution to “be happier”? That is exactly what A Lifetime of Happiness is all about. January 1, 2020, is the launch date for this new podcast, which will take the listener on a journey to explore the connection between well-being and aging. Steven Bennet-Martin and Brittney Jennings will be hosting this new project, which will feature guests with diverse insights, personalities, and opinions.

A Lifetime of Happiness was inspired by experiences working with Sarasota County’s older adults over the past decade. There are so many older adults in the community that have amazing stories that need to be shared, and I want to be able to help these people be heard. The personal stories and interviews will be coupled with insights from experts in the field of aging, psychiatry, and well-being to help spread happiness to people of all ages.

A Lifetime of Happiness is for anyone who seeks to find a more joyous existence. Each episode will focus on a general topic related to finding happiness, with initial offerings on “Charity and Giving Back” and “Loving Your Body.” There will be an uplifting and positive message in every episode that people of all ages can relate to. One of the best pieces of advice noted in the pilot episode is given by Maya Hernandez, age 9 (quoting Oscar Wilde): “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

For more information about A Lifetime of Happiness, including tuning in, accessing The Happiness Blog, connecting on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribing, visit


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