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Planning for y/our longevity

Posted on August 18, 2015 | by Kathy Black
Planning for y/our longevity

Age-Friendly Sarasota represents our collective journey to enhance everyday life in our community. Our survey can help Sarasota residents prepare for their own optimal longevity; that is, to best ensure healthy and engaged living in order to thrive throughout their lives. This requires that people consider the following:

  • Their future physical selves in terms of their health conditions and how that might impact their independence and mobility
  • Their goals for remaining healthy, mobile and independent in the upcoming years
  • The living arrangement they would like to have and how they will manage their home
  • Who and what will constitute their social world to be; that is, people and others they would like to be a part of their life and how they will keep in touch
  • How they will manage living their life financially, and in all the ways they desire
  • Their mental health and what they’d like to maintain and promote their mind and emotional well-being
  • How they envision their spiritual development; that is, what will give their life purpose and meaning

The Age-Friendly Sarasota survey builds upon our longevity plans, and is designed to capture the collective aspirations of our residents on all eight domains of livability:

1) Civic participation and employment

2) Communication and information

3) Community support and health services

4) Housing

5) Outdoor spaces and buildings

6) Respect and social inclusion

7) Social participation

8) Transportation

We thank the people who have already taken our survey – and we invite all Sarasota County residents age 50 and older to share their input on these aspects that greatly impact the quality of our daily lives.

The survey is accessible electronically on the Age-Friendly Sarasota website or in paper copies at all Sarasota County library locations. (Those taking the e-version should be sure to click “done” at the end).

Completing the survey will provide each of us individually AND all of us collectively with the information necessary to effectively plan for our community of all ages!


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