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Optimum Living via Age-Friendly Intergenerational Community Building

Posted on May 09, 2017 | by Vicki Vega
Optimum Living via Age-Friendly Intergenerational Community Building
People came out of their condominiums and into conversation recently about their individual and collective futures in Sarasota.

The discussion wasn’t about condo association management but about creating a livable community... painting a much broader picture beyond the “this is my unit” canvas.

This was a forum about the future, about intergenerational community building. And Age-Friendly Sarasota (AFS) was front row and center in the dialogue.

Representing the AFS initiative supported by The Patterson Foundation was Dr. Kathy Black, consultant and recent winner of the Award of Excellence presented by the International Journal of Aging and Society.

Black painted a picture describing the collaborative nature of the Age-Friendly movement under the umbrella of the World Health Organization. “Sarasota County two years ago joined more than 400 other communities worldwide to become the first in Florida committed to building a livable community for all ages,” she explained.

Every aspect of the community went under the research microscope, and a preliminary plan of action to accentuate the many strengths and eliminate/mitigate the few weaknesses is almost ready for implementation, she said.

A well-timed public gathering, this Optimal Living-themed forum was sponsored by the Downtown Sarasota Condo Association.

At the event, a litany of community experts participated in informative panel discussions to frame the conversation for the 100+ interested attendees.

Topics included ways and means to balance growth, engage generations, and sustain resources. Click here for more information about the program and speakers.

Participants left with an arsenal of information and a multitude ways to participate in building a better future for all ages.

Many agreed it was a good return on investment for a few hours of time. And, so, the moment is now to get – or get back – to work creating the future we all want and deserve.

From April 15 through May 15, 2017, you can get involved in the Age-Friendly movement by reviewing the draft of the Age-Friendly Sarasota Action Plan and filling out the feedback form. Click here to participate.

For, to paraphrase the eloquent Geoffrey Chaucer: “Time waits for no one.”

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