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National Family Caregivers Month

National Family Caregivers Month

During November, we honor and recognize the millions of Americans who tirelessly provide essential care to ensure the health and dignity of their loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

Caregivers can provide a wide range of care, from bathing and dressing to grocery shopping, cooking meals, transportation, and medication assistance. Most importantly, they provide social connection and emotional support.

While many would never give up the opportunity to provide this loving attention, caregiving has its own challenges. For many caregivers, it is an unexpected role they never thought they would have to fulfill. It can be frustrating, physically and emotionally draining, and bring up feelings of guilt and anger.

Caregiving is a public health issue and has a significant impact not only on individual caregivers but a significant systematic and economic impact on society.

A 2021 AARP study reports that in the United States, about 48 million individuals provide unpaid care to an adult family member or friend. Nearly eight in 10 caregivers report having routine out-of-pocket expenses. The typical annual total is around $7,424, with family caregivers spending 26% of their income on caregiving. About half of caregivers say they use their own money for household-related expenses, including rent/mortgage, home modifications, medical costs, and in-home care.

Read the full report here.


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