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Making Life a Bit Easier

 Making Life a Bit Easier

Utilize Meal Services
Cooking can be difficult for some adults as they age, and it can be tiring and time-consuming to prepare meals. You can get pre-made meals delivered to your house with meal services. This ensures that you don't have to go through the hassle of grocery shopping and cooking. It's important to note that you should choose your service based on various factors. Some factors to consider are household size and dietary restrictions. Those living alone will most likely require fewer meal delivery services. Additionally, there are options for those with restrictive diets, such as gluten-free or vegan. To pick the best meal delivery service, focus on your own needs and tailor your research accordingly. Additionally, you can call the Elder Helpline directly at 866-413-5337 to inquire about funded home-delivered meal programs in Charlotte, Desoto, Lee, and Sarasota counties.

Prioritize Sleep Hygiene
As you age, you may find yourself experiencing more sleep problems than before. A study by the Sleep Medicine Clinic found that anywhere between 40–70% of older adults have chronic sleep problems and 50% of them go undiagnosed. Poor sleep habits can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and decreased brain function. To make sure you're getting the most out of your sleep, utilize the following tips.

  • Try to fall asleep at the same time every night
  • Limit the number of daytime naps you take
  • Invest in blackout curtains

Decrease your coffee intake during the day

Sleep is a vital part of your wellbeing, so doing all you can to make it a positive experience will keep you on track for a healthy life.

Consider Rightsizing Your Space
Rightsizing can help ensure that your home is intentional and that the space works for you. If you find that many of your rooms are empty or that your home isn't being used to its fullest potential, rightsizing may be the best option. You can start by decluttering your home and getting organized with your belongings. Digitally preserving your records and photos is a great way to minimize clutter throughout your home. Having a yard sale or selling your items online can also help to clear your space and bring in some extra pocket money.

If your home has too much unused space, it may be wise to look into a home that better fits your needs. This could also be the perfect opportunity to move closer to friends and family. If this sounds like the right step for you, start by reviewing your credit score to make sure you're in good financial standing to buy a home. The higher your credit score, the easier the process will be. Rightsizing will make all the difference by keeping your home manageable and practical.

Take Advantage of Technology
In today's world, there are tons of technological advances that older people can use to their advantage. For example, smart home devices can help make life easier and safer. Home protection devices such as Ring or Nest can help bring an extra layer of security to your home by sending notifications for any motion or movement it picks up. Other devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Siri, can help you set reminders, play music, and answer basic questions. These smart devices are perfect for helping you stick to a routine and to make sure your environment is safe.

There are many different life hacks that you can utilize to improve your way of life. Technology and meal services can help make your daily life easier and allow you to put more time back into your day. And if you're looking to live life with more intention, rightsizing and better sleep habits will help you kickstart that journey.


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