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Learning is #ForAllAges

Posted on December 10, 2018 | by Linda Albert
Learning is #ForAllAges

Growing up, I learned that there were three phases of life: education, work, and retirement. Today, individuals opt to go back to school, retire, or return to work at any age. Learning doesn’t stop with the exit from high school or college classrooms—it is a lifelong pursuit for individuals of all ages.

Recognizing the importance of lifelong learning, the Sarasota City Commissioners declared November 2018 Lifelong Learning Month and the SunCoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning (SCALL) held its first annual Lifelong Learning Expo. The event featured presentations by five notable speakers and offered a variety of exhibits that showcased the plentiful options for personal growth and enrichment on the SunCoast of Florida.

Lifelong learning venues provide opportunities not only for education, but for social participation, personal development, and cognitive stimulation—all key components of healthy aging in an Age-Friendly community. It was exciting to welcome newcomers to the area and to see familiar faces at the Expo.

What were some of the diverse “takeaways” from this event?

  • Heart Health = Brain Health: lifestyle modifications can contribute to a reduced risk of developing dementia and slowing the progression of the disease
  • We can become better with age, and the keys to that are VVAC: Vitality, Vulnerability, Affection, and Connection
  • Improvisation is not only fun for people of all ages, but it improves health by teaching us how to be present and to respond authentically
  • The man who saved Paris from being bombed by advancing German troops during World War II was the American Ambassador to France - W.C. Bullit
  • The history of Medical Cannabis is a long one, and it may be on its way to becoming the ‘aspirin’ of the 21st Century

While I left the event with newfound knowledge, the information gave rise to even more questions, and isn’t that the goal of education—to pique curiosity and leave us wanting to know more?

We are privileged to live in an Age-Friendly region where opportunities for personal enrichment are abundant #ForAllAges. And, we are fortunate to have a not only a wide spectrum of options but incredibly experienced and generous individuals willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us. Take advantage of it! What piques your curiosity? Visit the SCALL website, and those of their member organizations to learn more.




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