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I received the Johnson & Johnson “One and Done” vaccine. What do I do now?

Posted on June 05, 2021 | by DeSoto Sun Weekly
I received the Johnson & Johnson “One and Done” vaccine. What do I do now?

“I received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine recently, so what do I need to worry about and do now?” Don’t freak out. More likely than not you are going to be absolutely fine. The pause is important so that the healthcare authorities can review the data and know who is at risk to receive the “one and done” vaccine. We will know soon and the pause will be over.

In the meantime, listen to your body. This illness is a serious but rare (one in a million) blood clot condition. If you received the vaccine within the last two weeks and you have headaches, chest pain, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, or leg pain, make sure you seek medical advice promptly letting them know that you received the J&J vaccine.

The adverse effects of clots occur in women between ages 18 and 48 and six to 13 days after vaccination. So you are less likely to have a problem if this does not describe you. If you have not received the COVID vaccination yet, you will be given the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. Stay tuned as investigators will be advising us about next steps regarding this vaccine.

The Gulf Coast Medical Society and I hope you’re doing well and remaining healthy. Now that you received your vaccination, you still need to follow CDC guidelines, continue to wash your hands, practice social distancing, listen to your body, and wear your mask. I know you have some hesitancy about getting the vaccine now but don’t. Getting vaccinated helps you and our community. The J&J pause shows the system watching for problems from the vaccines is working.

Trust the doctors of the Gulf Coast Medical Society (GCMS). We are an official local National Medical Association (NMA) affiliate working to improve Black health and wellness, access to quality care, education of our community, and health career opportunities for our community’s vulnerable and underserved populations. If you have not, please have a plan to roll up your sleeve so you can protect your own and others’ health. Pass the word!

Washington Hill MWashington Hill M.D. is a member of the Gulf Coast Medical Society and a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist with CenterPlace Health and Sarasota Memorial Hospital. He can be reached at


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