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How to Show Appreciation in an Age-Friendly Community: Global Perspectives

Posted on February 21, 2017 | by Kathy Black
How to Show Appreciation in an Age-Friendly Community: Global Perspectives
Age-Friendly communities respect and recognize the contributions of older adults. Respect for older adults can be shown in many ways, from inclusion in decision-making to recognition of their achievements through awards and celebrations in the community. Inter-generational programs are important for promoting social inclusion between people of different ages and also provide an opportunity for older adults to share their experience and knowledge with younger generations.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Guide to Age-Friendly Communities lists the following core ways to enhance respect and social inclusion:

  • Respectful and inclusive services that incorporate the input of aging persons and adapts services and products to better meet changing needs with courteous support
  • Public images of aging that depicts imagery positively and without stereotypes
  • Intergenerational interactions that invite and enable persons of all ages to participate
  • Public education that teaches about healthy aging and provides opportunities to engage retired persons to share knowledge, experience, and expertise in schools
  • Community inclusion that invites input by persons of all ages and that recognizes past and present contributions as valuable community residents
  • Economic inclusion that provides access to public and private services and events despite economic disadvantages

Source: World Health Organization (WHO) Guide to Age-Friendly Communities


Age-Friendly Queensland

  • Here are some of ways in which Queenslanders make a difference:
  • Respect others and their rights
  • Acknowledge everyone is important and has a contribution to make if they choose
  • Listen to others and be listened to
  • Talk with neighbors, phone friends, family or services
  • Make opportunities for others to join in and participate if they choose by inviting and welcoming them
  • Organize some low-cost activities that are accessible to others
  • Use democratic processes and shared decision making
  • Assist people who need to be accompanied and supported to join in
  • Volunteer


Age-Friendly Sarasota

Nearly 1,200 Sarasota County residents, ages 50-98, reported that among all the important areas of community life, they appreciated Respect and Social Inclusion most. This was conveyed in many statements ensuring lifelong:

Personal choice & decision-making — to stay in control of one’s life

Affordable & accessible living — to meet one’s needs and desires inside and outside of the home

Supportive friendships & meaningful engagement — that provides caring assistance and promotes personal fulfillment in all areas of life

Comradery across generations — recognizing the continuity of relationships across all ages

Recognition & value — that honors long-lived lives and contributions at any age


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