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Guiding Principle: Accountability

Posted on February 02, 2017 | by Kathy Black
Guiding Principle: Accountability

This blog focuses on the second “A” in our tagline “For All Ages”: Accountability in Capturing Progress. Let’s take a look back, and a look ahead, to best illustrate this guiding principle.

Age-Friendly Sarasota joined the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global network of age-friendly cities and communities in May 2015. The WHO model involves the following process: planning (years 1-2), evaluation and implementation (years 3-5).

Accountability in Capturing Progress is inherent throughout every step of the process.


  • Planning answers “what do we want” and begins by first identifying the aspirations of our residents, building upon existing assets and co-creating a blueprint of age-friendly efforts that is inclusive of all stakeholders — including government, business, non-profit organizations, and all of us residing in the community!

  • Evaluation refers to the “so what happens” and requires that we assess our efforts – to provide objective feedback about what changes we have accomplished.
  • Implementation refers to “what will we do” calls for enacting age-friendly activities determined during the planning efforts.


Age-Friendly Sarasota is currently engaged in planning efforts that will lead to the “age-friendly blueprint” for our community. Our initial planning efforts included assessing nearly 1,200 residents’ ratings about the importance and presence of age-friendly community features and future preferences for additional considerations. To learn more about what residents reported, please access the Age-Friendly Sarasota Community Report.

YOU can help us co-create our collective age-friendly blueprint for the upcoming three years by determining what age-friendly actions you, your group, organization or business, plan to undertake from 2017–2020 or beyond. Please contact us 941-444-4AGE or to share your current age-friendly efforts or future plans!


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