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“Getting Old is not for Sissies.”

Posted on July 11, 2018 | by Lynn Gould
“Getting Old is not for Sissies.”

I am 92 years old and have been a widow now for several years. I have lived alone by choice and am very independent. Over the last few years, my daughter has asked me occasionally if I would like her to move in with me, and I always smiled and replied: “Just shoot me!”

I stopped driving more than two years ago but was lucky to find and use the nonprofit organization, Independent Transportation Network (ITN) Suncoast, for low-cost rides. This allowed me to continue my weekly routine of participating in tai chi at the Taoist Tai Chi Society, the Lunch Bunch at the Women’s Resource Center, and most importantly, my weekly trip to my hairstylist!

Then I fell. I cracked a vertebra, and my world suddenly turned upside down. This started a journey that took me out of my home to the hospital, then to two different rehabilitation centers, and then to my daughter’s house while mine was being renovated to allow for better safety, access, and mobility. Four months later I moved back home, and my daughter moved in with me.

When a younger person moves in with an older person, there are adjustments that the two must continually make. Those of us that are older may be set in our routines so we might need to give a little, while the younger person needs to have patience with all the changes going on. Although we are mother and daughter, we do things differently, such as where we hang the towels! 😊 One of the best things going for us is that we like each other. We have our ups and downs, but whenever we have a misunderstanding, we sit down and talk it out.

One of the most important factors for us is we realize that we need to spend time away from each other once in a while. I am very fortunate to have a homecare companion, a woman that I have known for many years, who comes three days a week to take me grocery shopping, to my hairstylist, to the Lunch Bunch, and who plays a mean game of rummy. This gives my daughter time to herself, whether it’s to run errands, see friends, or perhaps just have some alone time.

I think we are extremely lucky to have each other. A great sense of humor is always a bonus as we adjust to our new living arrangement.

Remember what the actress Bette Davis said, “Getting Old is not for Sissies.”


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