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Call To Action

Posted on June 27, 2017 | by Kathy Black
Call To Action

Sarasota County’s aging demographics are not new, and consequently, many age-friendly efforts have long been underway throughout the county. Therefore, enhancing and expanding practices represent the next step (2.0) of age-friendliness for such an “advanced” community. Specifically, domains like civic participation (we are already home to dozens of organizations with hundreds and in some cases, more than 1,000 volunteers aged Boomer and older) and social activities (the community is nearly replete with a wide range of opportunities). We should, therefore, be poised to do more, be more innovative, and leave the comfort of silos to foster cross-sector collaboration in our respective or intersecting domain areas. In addition, objectives and strategies aim to enhance a “community for ALL ages” with explicit attention to promoting intergenerational relations and considerations in all domains.

As individuals, we can advance an age-friendly community by planning for our own personal longevity and considering how we want to live, work (or volunteer), and play and by sharing what we’ve learned to help others in any circles in which we interact. We can also help by incorporating simple acts of age-friendliness into our daily lives (i.e. checking in on a neighbor). Every action counts!

People working in the government, business, nonprofit sector, and the media can consider their spheres of influence on programs, policies, and services to better meet the needs of people across all life stages and abilities. Sustainable efforts can be achieved by adapting an age-friendly lens and embedding age-friendly practices throughout our community. Together we can reap the benefits in all areas of community life by better enabling people to thrive throughout their lives. We look forward to the possibilities that ensue!

Though extensive, the goals, objectives, and strategies identified in the plan are neither static nor complete. That is, age-friendly efforts are ongoing and co-created by all community stakeholders — and that’s all of us! Therefore, we look forward to your ongoing interest, ideas, and actions that contribute to our collective age-friendly journey. Please contact us at or 941-444-0AGE (0243). Together, we are a “Community for ALL Ages.”


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