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Balance – Mind, Body, and Spirit

Posted on June 08, 2018 | by Linda Gould
Balance – Mind, Body, and Spirit

Are you living your best and healthiest life? Do you feel alive and balanced in mind, body, and spirit?

As we continue to age, we can each live our best life, one day at a time. Find your joy by taking small steps each day, literally and figuratively. You are never too old (or young) to take part in activities that can enrich your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Maybe you like your pattern, but a growth mindset will allow you to open your mind, and heart, to new people and embrace new passions. Have you thought about slowing down, speeding up, getting out more, or engaging with people instead of staying home alone? Take a step. Think about exercising your mind as well as your body to achieve a better level of wellness. Stimulate your brain waves and engage in lively discussion at the Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy. Participate in an exercise class at the local YMCA or enjoy the tranquility of swimming laps at the indoor pool.

And don’t forget to just breathe. Aaaaahhh...

We have wonderful opportunities here in our community to get involved in volunteering and other programs like the ones found at our Friendship Centers.

Many of us that are 55+ believe that the best years are yet to come! Go places, engage with others – there is still so much of life to live. Staying active, eating healthy, and challenging ourselves can add happy and fulfilling years to our lives. Think it’s too late? It’s not! Start now, one step at a time. Walk 10 minutes a day and go from there to create healthier habits. Check out the BE WELL Tip Sheet to get some motivation and ideas on why healthy living can have so many positive impacts on your life.


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