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Age-Friendly Housing Idea: Shared Housing

Posted on April 17, 2017 | by Kathy Black
Age-Friendly Housing Idea:  Shared Housing

As noted in Kathy Silverberg’s article, many people, Boomer-aged and older, are living alone for a variety of reasons — and research suggests that one’s longevity and more importantly, one’s quality of life can be impacted.

Shared housing is emerging throughout the nation as an increasingly attractive and viable option for many people. According to, consider some of the benefits:

  • Have extra money for retirement, critical expenses or luxuries (travel, school, gifts)
  • Save money on the monthly cost of renting/ mortgage
  • Have money for the cost of utilities: air conditioning, water, power, cable
  • Help in an emergency
  • Someone to take care of pets when you need to be away
  • Someone to pick up food, medicines when sick
  • Help with outdoor seasonal maintenance
  • Help with indoor cleaning tasks
  • Be able to say “hello,” “good morning,” and “how was your day?”
  • Helps you “get out of yourself”
  • Social connection mitigates loneliness and related depression
  • Possibility for increasing one’s network of connections
  • Be included, not left out
  • Social connection allows for enthusiasm
  • Have someone with whom to have a meal
  • Comfort
  • Need to own less “stuff”
  • Someone to witness one’s story
  • Opportunity to practice generosity and kindness
  • Learn different ways to live with non-family members

    Age-Friendly Sarasota is an initiative to engage the community to promote active, healthy and engaged living for persons across all life stages and abilities. Shared housing represents an important opportunity to consider.


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