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AFS Community Report Findings: Spotlight on Wellbeing

Posted on December 02, 2016 | by Kathy Black
AFS Community Report Findings: Spotlight on Wellbeing

Age-Friendly Sarasota recently completed an assessment of nearly 1,200 Sarasota County residents’ aspirations regarding community features across eight domains of livability. Findings were analyzed by age groups including Boomers (age 50-69 at the time of the study) and non-Boomer Elders (age 70+). Further information about the AFS Community Report and more details about the findings can be found at

Well-being represents a personal sense of health and happiness. Well-being can be measured by asking people how they currently feel (and how they think they will feel in the future) about a variety of areas in their lives such as their ability to meet their own needs, make their own choices, feel connected and valuable to others, ability to cope with life circumstances, and general satisfaction with their lives.

According to the Age-Friendly Sarasota Community Report, the majority of Sarasota County residents indicate a high degree of well-being, particularly associated with autonomy, independence, and life satisfaction; however, about a third or more report less optimism regarding their finances (economic well-being).

  • Compared to Boomers, non-Boomer older adults report:
  • Less influence on the lives of others (86% vs. 93%)
  • Greater abilities to cope and adjust with changes in aging (88-96%)
  • Greater abilities to adjust to changes in aging (80-90%)
  • Feeling optimistic regarding their finances (70% vs. 63%).

There is variability regarding Sarasota County residents’ future sense of well-being. Compared to current appraisals, Sarasota County residents report less agreement across all aspects of well-being.

  • Non-Boomer older adults indicate higher projections of well-being across all areas compared to Boomers, with the exception of being able to influence others.
  • Both age groups report increased amounts of uncertainty in all areas with approximately two or more unsure about their future ability to influence others, have a high quality of life, meet their needs, care for themselves, cope with their aging.
  • One-third of non-Boomer older adults (33%) and more than four in ten Boomers (41%) indicate less optimism regarding their financial future.


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