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4 Ways Older Adults Can Manage Financial Stress

4 Ways Older Adults Can Manage Financial Stress

Finances can be a sensitive topic for many older adults. From retirement, savings, and investments, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. According to a 2022 survey by Policygenius, 64% of Americans feel anxious about their finances. Like any other type of stress, financial stress can cause various physical symptoms. These can include insomnia, weight loss or gain, migraines, and anxiety. Older adults can manage financial stress in the following ways.

Get Organized
It's easy to let bills and mail pile up, but older adults can get as organized as possible to minimize financial stress. Establishing a filing system for any bank statements, bills, or credit card statements will minimize any feelings of stress. Organizing financial records will also help older adults feel more control over their finances. When organizing financial records, consider how urgent any bills or statements are. Prioritizing timely bills will help ensure that your finances don't get out of control. Knowing that your finances are in order will help you stay on top of your bills, lowering stress levels.

Prepare for the Future
Thinking about the future can be very daunting. Older adults should plan for the future as much as possible to bring peace of mind. Knowing that there's a plan in place will make you feel more prepared for any situation. Essential legal documents such as a will or estate plan are crucial when planning for the future. These documents help decide how certain assets will be distributed after a loved one's death. Getting these documents in order now can help limit any confusion or stress.

Additionally, older adults should start planning whether they want to age in place or go to an assisted living facility. If you're choosing to age in place, it's important to make sure that the space fits your needs. Look into downsizing to guarantee that the space is what you're looking for. Older adults can look into utilizing a mortgage backed by the FHA, especially if they have a poor credit score or a significant amount of debt. This mortgage has more lenient financial requirements, making it a solid choice for aging adults. If you choose to go to an assisted living facility, there are different ways to finance it. Start preparing for the future today. The earlier you start, the less stress you'll face down the road.

Seek Professional Help
In today's world, there's no shortage of financial professionals. With a wide range of resources, take advantage of these services to put you in good financial standing. Financial planners can help guide you and your finances with any problem you may have. They're a great resource for people looking to achieve short and long-term goals. These can include retirement planning, building better credit, or paying down debts. If you need help with investments, consider working with an investment advisor. Investment advisors can help determine what kind of investments are best for you and your goals. There's a financial professional available to help no matter what problem you're facing.

Prioritize Savings
Older adults should prioritize savings to make sure that they're prepared for anything in life. Having an emergency fund is a great way to ensure you're financially secure. The general rule is to have at least six months of living expenses saved up in your emergency fund. This emergency fund can cover unforeseen expenses such as medical or car repair costs. Knowing that you have the resources to fall back on in case of an emergency will help you feel more secure in your finances.

For additional saving opportunities, seek out senior discounts to get more bang for your buck. You may be surprised how many areas of spending are eligible for senior discounts. Another way to adequately save is to stick to a budget. Utilizing a budget will help you cut down on any unnecessary spending. You can create a monthly or weekly budget depending on your goals. Make saving a high priority to prepare for anything that may come your way. Budgeting and taking advantage of senior discounts are ways to cut down on your spending habits.

It can be easy for older adults to experience financial stress. To keep financial stress at a minimum, work with a financial professional and keep your finances organized. Having a savings plan and preparing for the future will keep your worries at bay.


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