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Manasota Neighborhoods Summit: The Evolution of Communities #ForAllAges

March 07, 2018
It dawned on me as I walked into the Manasota Neighborhoods Summit that no matter what age we are or where we live,...

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The Boomer Conference 2018

February 26, 2018
Is today, the first day, first week, first six months or first year of the rest of your life? Have you RECENTLY...

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Small image of front cover of Age-Friendly Sarasota Action Plan
AFS Action Plan

You can get involved in the Age-Friendly movement by reviewing the AGE-FRIENDLY SARASOTA ACTION PLAN and providing your feedback through our website. Also, share with us how you or your Sarasota County organization or business is making our community more age-friendly.

The Action Plan identifies goals, objectives, strategies, and planned actions for June 2017 – May 2020.

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In The Spotlight
Age-Friendly Festival logo
Age-Friendly Festival

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, the Age-Friendly Festival became the FIRST community celebration in the nation to focus on LIFELONG WELL-BEING while CONNECTING PEOPLE OF ALL AGES!

Enjoy festival highlights in a fun nine-minute video. And click below to find out more about the festival's activities provided by 125+ organizations advancing the age-friendly movement.


About Age-Friendly Sarasota

About Age-Friendly Sarasota
Building a lifelong community by developing a more livable environment

Age-Friendly Sarasota is a countywide effort in Florida to promote active, engaged, and healthy living for people of all ages. By learning and sharing about Sarasota County's age-friendly features and the aspirations of its residents...


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  • February 2018 | Love Making a Difference

    February 2018 | Love Making a Difference
    What do bendable straws, telephones, and curb cuts have in common? They are all innovations created for lovedones that addressed an ability difference.CONTINUE READING

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